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Who really won the Pulitzer Prize for public-service journalism?

It’s a more complicated question than it appears, and who better than Jay Rosen to make complicated questions of journalism easier to understand? Officially, the prize went to The Washington Post and to the Guardian newspaper in the U.K. for reporting on the National Security Agency’s lawbreaking and overreaching, based on documents leaked by former […]

Dance with the ones who brung ya

The “Rising American Electorate” offers Democrats an opportunity of immense promise. Over the long term, young/female/non-white voters may well turn North Carolina dark blue. For the time being, however, Democrats shouldn’t let their RAE excitement get the best of them, or throw the blue-dog baby out with the bathwater. Mobilizing the RAE is far easier […]

Proehlific Park Shocked to Hear about Forest Oaks Closing, ES2 Sports & Leisure Bankruptcy Filing

“Relating to the announcement that Forest Oaks Country Club has closed its doors and ES2 Sports & Leisure, LLC is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, Ricky Proehl, owner of Proehlific Park, has issued the following statement.
“Proehlific Park is shocked and saddened to learn about the bankruptcy filing by ES2 Sports & Leisure, LLC. Proehlific Park has never been involved in the operation, ownership or management of Forest Oaks Country Club.
“Proehlific Park allowed the use of name ‘Proehlific’ to assist another local business with a long and storied history in Greensboro.
“Besides this standard name licensing agreement, Proehlific Park has had no other involvement with the operation, ownership or management with Forest Oaks Country Club.

“Proehlific Park continues to thrive as a Greensboro-based business and we look forward to many more years of serving the community.””
A Press Release

EPD Daily Blotter: April 14, 2014

Disclaimer: All content provided in RockinghamUpdate’s Crime Blotter is obtained from the public domain and accessible through the reporting agency of record in the city, county or state from where the data was obtained. Those appearing in RockinghamUpdate’s Crime Blotter may or may have not been convicted of the arrest charge and are presumed innocent […]